Description Of Work: Removed carpet from 3 bedrooms, installed and finished hardwood (maple) floors
Member Comments: I couldn't be more pleased with Danny Arnatu and Modern Quality Floors.  He and his staff were personable. professional, punctual, and efficient.  They did an outstanding job installing hardwood maple floors in three bedrooms within my desired timeframes at a price that was thousands below competitors estimates.  I had originally been a little hesitant as I had wondered if  Danny would be able to do quality work at that price.  I was encouraged to accept his bid & hire him for the job based on reviews of other Angie list members.  However, from my first encounter with Danny I realized I had found an individual who took extreme pride in his work and concern for satisfying his customer. How great to find someone who was trustworthy!  I strongly recommend  Danny and Modern Quality Flooring as the one you should choose for projects that require floor installation or refinishing!
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Member: Jasmina Varvitsiotis
1131 Virginia Ln
Wilmette, IL 60091
Categories: Flooring Sales/Installation/Repair
Hardwood Flooring Sales/Installation/Refinishing
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: July 31, 2013
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $1,100.00

Description Of Work: Hardwood floor sanding, repair, stain and refinishing,
Member Comments: Wow.  I was blown away.  Danny is very responsive, he carefully supervised the work and took care of details that I never even thought of asking him for!  My floors were trashed by the prior owners, complete with big stains where the prior owners' dog peed on the floor.  When I walked in after the guys finished their work, it was like walking into a different house.  The finish was smooth and perfect. Danny helped me match the stain in a different section of the house.  The floors look totally new.  You cannot see where Danny had to patch.  By the way, the first thing that the guys did was try to repair some areas so that I would not have to pay to install the damaged wood.  I really appreciated this effort on their part.  All in all, it was a fantastic job.  I would not hesitate to recommend Danny to friends and neighbors.
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K. N.
Chicago, IL
5.0 star rating4/27/2013
Dusting off my yelp profile here to give Danny and MQF a five star review.  He just redid my hardwood floors in my two bedroom unit.  This was not your average "freshen up your floor"--these were original floors in a 100 year old building that I had already spent months repairing cracked and missing sections.  I am really stunned at how incredible they look, far better than I envisioned.  They look high quality and the price was fair.  Danny and his team showed up on time for the estimate and each day of work and he also is easy to reach via phone.  They clean up after their work very well as well--sanding can be a dusty job but I felt like my unit was very clean.  The poly is still curing but when it is dry I will upload some pictures here, I am truly thrilled with the work done.

Rachel B
Evanston IL
I suggest you Read ALL the reviews for this outfit, even the ones that Yelp "filters out."  That lady who wrote about Synteko, IMO, was somewhere between alarmist and just plain wrong. I researched Synteko; it is very high quality durable, beautiful satin finish.  Almost all other bidders wanted to use less expensive, lower quality products. And most wanted to put just two coats down, not three. Danny believes it takes three to get the truly finished look.  No, Synteko isn't exactly "green." Danny has those products too if you want them but they are more expensive.  And yes,  it smells for a night. We ran our house fan and camped one night in a local hotel. No problem. The big picture:  we were Totally happy with Danny A and his company, Modern Quality Flooring.  I felt I had to set the story straight on Yelp.  We interviewed nearly ten companies before selecting them, and we now know we made the right call. Their bid was in the middle, very fairly priced, and boy did they deliver the high quality work! Danny is personable, professional, very, very clear about what to expect, what could be accomplished, etc. Our Evanston home has two floors of 1920 original hardwoods that needed special care, careful sanding, several replacement boards, old nail holes, a new transition piece between rooms,  you name it. His crew even managed to get out some nasty old linoleum that was under one of our living room radiators.  (why didn't those floor guys from 10 years ago do that?) Danny's, guys even helped us wrestle a big couch out the front door! And my floors? Fabulous!  I WISH I could show you before/after pix.  Hire these guys if you want it done carefully and correctly at a very fair price.

Category: Hardwood Flooring Sales/Installation/Refinishing
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: April 30, 2013
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $1,485.00
Description Of Work: I called Modern Quality to have an estimate on refinishing our living room, dining room and hall floors (about 550 sq ft).  Danny called me back that day and we made an arrangement for him to come over that day as well.  He sent me an estimate the next day and we agreed on the job.  We also needed help moving 4 heavy pieces of furniture that Danny said he would help with and put in the estimate.
The job was scheduled shortly thereafter.  He and Ricardo and Luis came right on time (7am) on a Tuesday morning.  They moved the furniture we needed help with (we had moved everything else ourselves) and began the process of stripping the floor with a professional machine that sucked the dust in it as it stripped the floor.  Amazing!  They put on one coat of stain that we had chosen from Danny's samples.  Then they put on a coat of some kind of sealant.  Danny, Ricardo nd Luis came the next morning as agreed to finish the job, but it needed more drying, so they came back that afternoon.The second and third coat of sealant was put on and everything cleaned up beautifully.  We need to let it dry another day.  After the floor dried, we scheduled a time for them to come back to help put back the 4 heavy pieces of furniture.
Member Comments: From the first contact to the end of the job it was a wonderful experience.  Danny was so clear and helpful--really knows his business .Ricardo and Luis did beautiful work and were hard working.  Getting help with the furniture was a real plus..  We were hoping the floors were beautiful, but the job Modern Quality did far exceeded our expectations.   The floors look exquisite!  We would highly recommend Modern Quality without reservation.
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Greg J.
Oak Park, IL
5.0 star rating4/26/2013
I have owned many different properties and have had floors refinished in a number of them. The good companies I used in the past were no longer available (out of business or moved on to general contracting). Modern Quality Flooring Co. gave me a proposal to do the floors of a modest 3 bedroom first floor apartment. The price was competitive. I've done my homework to know the questions to ask and Danny had acceptable answers. I very much liked that he had invested in "dustless equipment" (he agreed nothing is perfectly dustless when you are doing so much sanding). The job they did was more than adequate for a mid range apartment, which is all I needed (there was a little more waveyness than I would have accepted in a top end job, may have been due to the old, very hard, maple floors in the apartment requiring more frequent sand paper changes than the cost effective bid included). When the job was done, I was pleased to note that they had done more than they were required to do by our agreement. Danny said he did the floors in the pantry and large closet because he wasn't satisfied with how they looked when he buffed them out, as was originally agreed. Now they match the redone floors perfectly. The place looks great, was done on the timetable Danny offered and the job site was left in perfect shape, one couldn't tell his crew had been there, except the floors looked great.

Member: Jeremy Getz
3221 W montrose
Category: Flooring Sales/Installation/Repair
Services Performed: Yes
* More Weight is given to a review where work has been completed.
Work Completed Date: October 15, 2013
Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work: Sanded refinished and stained 1st floor
Member Comments: Danny and his team were great. Danny suggested a stain that ended up looking perfect and he added a small area of wood to make a threshold look much better. There was a damaged area in one bedroom but even that looked a million times better after the refinish. It's very clear Danny and team know what they are doing and take a lot of pride in the work. Totally on time and budget.
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Adam and Kelsey L
Modern Quality Flooring did a very good job. Danny and his crew were extremely hard working. The job took longer than he expected but that was partly because the stairs were harder to do than originally thought. To his credit, he kept the same honored price. I trusted Danny and his crew in my place when we weren't there. Danny has a very good knowledge of his craft and took the time to explain the process to us. I would hire him again.
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