Dust Free Sanding

    Hardwood floor refinishing used to be a dust nightmare. Not anymore. The dust free sanding system has a two-step cyclonic intake system with a hospital-grade HEPA filter. Easier, Cleaner, Safer! That is our goal while providing quality hardwood floor refinishing and dust free sanding in your home.
Why is dust such an issue?
When most people think of having their floors sanded the first thing that comes to their mind is all the dust. No doubt you've heard all the horror stories of people cleaning dust out of their homes weeks after the restoration has been finished.
If not properly contained, super fine dust from the sanding machines can literally get everywhere in your cupboards, light fixtures, ceiling fans, embedded into your curtains, all over your walls and into your ducting. Anything and anywhere that hasn't been properly sealed off or covered will have a layer of dust all over it. How would you like to clean a mess like that up?

Our dustless system is portable, quiet, clean and effective, could be used in all types of weather, it is environmentally friendly as well as noise friendly. This system allows us to contain very close to 9798% of the dust generated by our machines.
It uses cyclone technology to collect the dust from the machines. The cyclones collect and separate the dust very effectively which makes it much more efficient and quieter than most other systems.
We fitted all our machines with special skirts and cyclones to stop almost all the dust from becoming airborne during the sanding process. It gets contained within the machine then sucked up never to be seen again.
There is a big difference between using our dustless hardwood floor sanding system compared to sanding the old, but very commonly used way of just using cloth bags. Cloth bags allow a huge amount of dust to become airborne.
This system, combined with taping off areas not being refinished with industrial plastic and covering heating vents and cupboards etc. gives us close to a 98-99% dust free environment.
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